Demodex mite and type 2 rosacea

The Link between the Demodex Mite and type 2 Rosacea

Here he is – your sebum/skin oil loving little mite who lives on everyones face but populates rosacea type 2 face up to 10 times more than any other..Type 2 rosacea – that’s the one with the lumps, bumps and postules – is often considered the one that is most difficult to live with because as well as redness there may be sensations of burning or stinging (but not in all cases)

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In general type 2 rosacea is an oily skin condition – type 1 rosacea is generally lacking in oils – and that is pretty important

to remember when you want to treat your own rosacea. It is believed that the demodex mites eat the sebum (oil) on the skin and for most people – most of the time – they are harmless but not for rosacea sufferers. The demodex mite like a wet and warm environment and become most active

in the dark when they come out of the hair follicles on the face to mate. Yes it’s a lovely thought – while youre lying there getting some shut eye – theres a whole population of little mites doing the love dance on your face…..

In an article in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology the complaint of sensitive skin in rosacea patients disappears when the number of Demodex mites is brought back to normal. When a Demodex dies, its body dries out and all the built-up waste degrades on your face. It's not an exploding action necessarily, but all their waste builds up over time and then there's one large flush of bacteria which causes irritation and redness in the face.

Although there are therapies that kill Demodex mites, we can't get rid of them forever.They rebound after about six weeks, says Dr. Kavanagh of NUI Maynooth. "We pick them up from people who we are in contact with. We pick them up from sheets, pillows, towels.’’

Some of the therapies which help reduce the population of demodex mites to normal levels and will therefore reduce your type 2 rosacea are -

Ivermectin - it is based on an insecticide commonly employed for mite infestations and scabies in animals. This is a new cream brought onto the market just in the last year or so – sometimes called SOOLANTRA .

Ivermectin - it is based on an insecticide commonly employed for mite infestations and scabies in animals. This is a new cream brought onto the market just in the last year or so – sometimes called SOOLANTRA .

It has been having good success – in trials over 70% of rosacea type 2 sufferers rated their improvement in their skin as excellent or good – and there are positive reviews on rosacea forums as well from actual users who are not selling anything!!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil – is a natural antiseptic and anti bacterial and has been shown in labs to kill off the demodex mite..

On line rosacea forums have shown good success with tea tree oil….The demodex mite is active at night when it comes out of the hair follicle to mate – so applying some tea tree oil at night time before bed, in a carrier oil eg jojoba or coconut oil, or even adding some to your usual moisturiser can help…Also try applying some on a cotton bud directly on the affected areas. The general rule is always to dilute tea tree oil and regulate the usage of it… Users have also put a few drops in their washing machine while washing sheets and pillows….

You have to give it time though as the demodex mites are resistant little creatures and as tea tree can be quite strong to use on the skin – easy does it…..Contributors to rosacea forums who have used tea tree oil often say that they use it over several weeks as you have to give it a chance to work over the life cycle of the mite. So there you have it – another weapon in our battle against rosacea.. Reduce the demodex mite and reduce your rosacea symptons –postules and redness for type 2 rosacea.

Finca skin organics are currently developing a serum especially for type 2 postules – available later in 2015

If you have type 1 rosacea you probably don’t have a problem with demodex mites and this blog will maybe have been of little interest to you…..but if you have type 2 rosacea or know someone with type 2 – then I hope this was of help. If anyone wants to email me at [Enable JavaScript to see the email address] with regard to this blog or any other issues with rosacea please do- I would love to hear from you….

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